Rupee Standard Is Now Listed on Bit Forex

Why we choose BitForex

BitForex is one of the leading crypto currency exchanges in the world. The platform features a high-performance matching engine which enables it to process 1.5 million orders per second. It also enables traders to perform spot trading, margin trading and derivatives.

As one of the safest crypto trading platforms, BitForex was the perfect exchange for us to list RSS/USDT on. The BitForex exchange is accessible across the globe, therefore expanding the reach of RSS worldwide. Whether you are based in Asia, the United Arab Emirates or in Europe, you can easily trade RSS on BitForex.

RSS crypto token on BitForex

You can commence trading our crypto tokens, RSS [Rupee Standard], on BitForex from 21/03/2023 15:00 (GMT-8). As a new platform for trading in our crypto currency, the value might be volatile, but is expected to gain momentum with more traders coming onboard.

Traders can be assured of safe and secure trading, with BitForex providing a highly secure crypto trading platform. Get started with Rupee Standard [RSS/USDT] trading soon.