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Rupee Standard is the world’s first stablecoin offering investors unparalleled liquidity. With widespread adoption, our aim at Rupee Standard is to drive the future of digital money.

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Rupee Standard, the Most Trusted Digital Currency in India

A Stable and Sustainable Virtual Currency India

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As a stable coin digital token built on multiple blockchains, Rupee Standard empowers and supports innovation and growing ventures. We enable customers to confidently transact with traditional currencies using blockchains as a transport layer. You can invest in Rupee Standard without the volatility and complexity associated, typical with a digital currency, like Bitcoin India.




Frequently asked questions about Rupee Standard

We are here to answer your questions about Rupee Standard Tokens. A transparent and informative crypto platform.

There are 4 different ways in which you can buy Rupee Standard (RSS) stable coin. These 4 ways include, RSS token in Metamask ERC, RSS token in Metamask BSC, RSS token in Tronlink wallet/Tron chain and lastly, through Binance Smart Chain Network in Metamask.

Rupee Standard is a crypto currency, that is poised to become the most trusted digital currency in India. Hence, there is only one Rupee Standard. It is also referred to as RSS, and is pegged 1 to 1 against the value of any fiat currency.

Yes, Rupee Standard is a decentralized currency that utilizes blockchain technology for transparency and security.

Blockchain India technology refers to the implementation of blockchain technology within the Indian context, enabling secure and transparent digital transactions across various sectors in the country. It holds the potential to revolutionize industries such as finance, supply chain, and healthcare.

Many Users Have Already Experienced The Benefits

John Layer

Rupee Standard has started to attract more businesses day by day. As a rising star in the crypto currency market, Rupee Standard provides competitive security measures in transactions within wallets.


Alexander Gray

Rupee Standard is the best and most secure block chain based crypto currency platform.


Abby Anderson

Rupee Standard provides a great boost in money value and is an excellent investment opportunity for investors trading crypto currency in India and around the globe.


Sam Pal

Takes 10 seconds for confirmations to occur for a completed Rupee Standard transaction, which is simply brilliant.


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